20 Reasons You Need a Day-Of Coordinator

  1. Where do you want the guest book?
  2. The florist is here, where should they put the centerpieces?
  3. Do you want the unity candles in the middle of the stage?
  4. The photographer got lost.  Who can give her directions?
  5. Suzy is sick and can’t pick up the cake.  What should we do?
  6. Sam forgot to try-on his tux and just realized it doesn’t fit!
  7. Andy forgot black socks…
  8. Should the cake go on the round table?
  9. The photographer has a flat tire!
  10. Do you want a bow on every pew or every other pew?
  11. Should the groomsmen stand up front or walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids?
  12. Grandma is missing a corsage.  Where is it?
  13. Where should grandpa sit?
  14. Can cousin Dorthy and Aunt Delilah come talk to you? They’ll only talk for 20 minutes…
  15. Where is your mom supposed to be? She’s hyperventilating!
  16. Isn’t your cousin supposed to be passing out programs? Where is she?
  17. One of the groomsmen is missing and it’s time to line up!
  18. Which usher is walking Grandma Pat to her spot?
  19. Which side is the bride’s side?
  20. The flower girl REALLY needs a potty break.  Who can take her?

Are you overwhelmed yet????

This may seem like an exaggeration but these are all real questions that could be directed at you if you don’t have a Day-Of Coordinator.  And that’s all just before the ceremony begins! Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to field these questions and solve the problems before you even know about them?  If you don’t want to hire a full-service wedding planner, you really should at least consider having someone around to help be sure things run smoothly on the big day.  Check out the Day-Of Coordinating package offered by Ross Weddings and Events and give yourself the gift of enjoying your wedding day, instead of stressing over it!


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