Reason #21 to Have a Day-Of Coordinator

I was recently coordinating the wedding for two dear friends.  I, of course, had a schedule and everything was running smoothly.  The florist was the first to arrive and almost had everything unloaded and set-up for the ceremony before the bride even arrived.  The groomsmen started piling in to drop off their tuxes before taking the Groom out for one last lunch at their local hangout.  The bridesmaids  were arriving and curling irons were being plugged-in.  The photographer showed up to begin capturing the glorious chaos that is the wedding-day morning.  The caterer check-in and food was in the ovens.  A friend was on her way to pick up the cakes, from a baker over an hour away.

Notice…I said cakes…as in plural?

Well, this ladies and gentlemen, is reason #21 for hiring a day-of coordinator.  The friend arrived at the baker’s house and was presented with a very stunning three-tiered wedding cake.  But…ONLY a wedding cake.  The couple had also ordered two kitchen cakes.  Now, luckily the friend knew exactly what she was supposed to be getting and questioned the baker.  Unfortunately, there was a misprint on their contract and the summary page on the front didn’t mention and sheet cakes.  Although, in the back, they clearly had ordered and paid for sheet cakes.  This is a big problem! This means we have less than half the amount of cake that we were supposed to have!

Being the coordinator, I made sure that all vendors and key people had my phone number.  So, immediately the baker was able to call me and explain the situation.  (The friend also texted me while I was on the phone with him.) He is a fabulous cake baker and had actually made the cake for my own wedding three years ago.  Therefore, I was a little shocked at this large mistake.  However, being a professional, he owned up to his mistake and was able to deliver two delicious sheet cakes, in the appropriate flavors, before the reception started.

Do you think anyone else knew about this? Absolutely not! The problem was able to be solved and sorted out without the bride or groom ever knowing there was even the slightest of hitches in our plan for the day.  I was able to give the baker directions to the reception hall and coordinate with him in the minutes between the ceremony and reception to be sure the cakes were on the table before the bridal party arrived.  All was ok and the bride and groom were none the wiser.  They never suspected anything was wrong and they didn’t have to get stressed out over cake right before their “first look.”

Do you want the same peace of mind on your wedding day? Knowing that someone else can deal with all the  “OH NO!!!” moments without you even knowing something is off? Contact Ross Weddings and Events today to talk about our Wedding Coordinating and Planning packages.


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